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Virtual and Augmented Reality for Enterprise Business

Nibiru provides best-in-class white-label VR & AR (XR) turnkey solution for various industries, from software/hardware products, development assistance, to workflow design and deployment service

Customize your XR project

Instant AR/VR Visualization Solution for Desktop Applications with Immersive and Interactive 3D Content

Nibiru Remote Rendering

Nibiru OS

Make it easy for your company to innovate with extended reality

Nibiru is the Operating System (OS) provider for the most popular Android-based XR (VR & AR) standalone. Now we offer commercial white-label service for XR industrial application users and customers. An easy-to-deploy XR system that scales with your business, provides the richest feature set for professional users.

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Nibiru SDK

Develop for Needs

Support and make better use of Nibiru OS. Nibiru SDK makes it easy for your company to innovate with both VR & AR and get started with Nibiru OS.



Nibiru Remote Rendering

5G XR Visualization Solution with 6DOF Interaction

Nibiru Sync

Central broadcast system for VR experience


DIY VR Content for Various Industries

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  • Realmax AR

  • Ned+Glass X2 AR

  • XR1 VR

  • Emdoor 835 VR

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  • Education
  • Location-based Entertainment
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